Sac Şekillendirme Kalıpları

Sheet Metal Forming Molds

We manage all processes from the realization of the design of the imaginary plan design related to the sheet metal molds to the sample production, from the production to the production of the sheet metal molds.

From Design to Production, From Production to Printing…

We move on to mold design training by completing the trainings, technical trainings, or the design process after you make the molds. For the sample designed product, prosif, spinning, cutting, bending molds are required to be designed and sheet metal design mold design is started. The production development of our molds in the design process is done in the machine with the latest technology products and the production process begins. Proofs, size (cmm) controls, burr controls of our produced sheet metal molds are made by our quality and delivered with the instruction.

Your Partner in Sheet Metal Forming Mold…

As BKS Kalıp, it is developed within the scope of maintenance and repair services within the scope of technical training within the scope of maintenance and repair, which is completed together with the entire education year.

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