Sac Kalıpları

Sheet Metal Forming Molds

We manage all processes from the realization of the design of your dream product related to sheet metal molds to sample design, from production planning to the production of sheet metal molds.

From Design to Production, From Production to Printing…

After the samples, technical drawings or the product of your dreams you have explained about the sheet metal parts to be molded, the sample design process is completed and we move on to the mold design phase. For the product whose sample design is completed, the necessary processes are determined from the progressive, spinning, cutting and bending molds and the sheet metal forming mold design phase is started. The production planning of our molds, whose design process is completed, is made in our machines with the latest technology and the production process begins. Proofs, size (cmm) controls and burr controls of our produced sheet metal molds are made by our quality department and delivered to our customers with instruction books.

Your Solution Partner in Sheet Metal Molding…

As SG Kalıp, we continue to work with the understanding of a solution partner in all printing stages, and we continuously provide the necessary technical support to our customers in the fastest way in cases that require assistance such as user errors.

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