Cutting and Drilling Machine for Aluminum Machinery

Maximum Profile Dimension200x200 mm
Cutting Motor Power4 kW
Cutting Motor Rotation Speed3000 rpm Adjustable
Drilling Head Motor Power3 kW
Drilling Head Motor Rotation Speed12000 rpm Adjustable
Drilling Movement Control SystemServo Motor
Drilling Movement Motor Power400 W
Machine Interface7” Touch Screen HMI
Machine Control SystemPLC Based
Machine Dimension3000x1000x1600 mm
Machine Power8 kW

Diamond Blade Cutting

Automatic Drilling and Cutting System

With Multi Head System Machine Can Drill Different Hole Dimensions at the Same Time

Adjustable Product Length

Servo Motor Controlled Product Length

Pneumatic Material Fixing System

Adjustable Hole Position with Manuel Hand Wheels (Std)

Adjustable Hole Position with Servo Motor (Opt)

Machine Cycle 4-6 sec

Tool Cooling System

20 lt Cooling Liquid Tank

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