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Sheet Metal Forming Molds

We manage all processes from the realization of the design of your dream product related to sheet metal molds to sample design, from production planning to the production of sheet metal molds.

From Design to Production, From Production to Printing…

After the samples, technical drawings or the product of your dreams you have explained about the sheet metal parts to be molded, the sample design process is completed and we move on to the mold design phase. For the product whose sample design is completed, the necessary processes are determined from the progressive, spinning, cutting and bending molds and the sheet metal forming mold design phase is started. The production planning of our molds, whose design process is completed, is made in our machines with the latest technology and the production process begins. Proofs, size (cmm) controls and burr controls of our produced sheet metal molds are made by our quality department and delivered to our customers with instruction books.

Your Solution Partner in Sheet Metal Molding…

As SG Kalıp, we continue to work with the understanding of a solution partner in all printing stages, and we continuously provide the necessary technical support to our customers in the fastest way in cases that require assistance such as user errors.

Sac Şekillendirme Kalıpları

Sheet Metal Forming Molds

We manage all processes from the realization of the design of the imaginary plan design related to the sheet metal molds to the sample production, from the production to the production of the sheet metal molds.

From Design to Production, From Production to Printing…

We move on to mold design training by completing the trainings, technical trainings, or the design process after you make the molds. For the sample designed product, prosif, spinning, cutting, bending molds are required to be designed and sheet metal design mold design is started. The production development of our molds in the design process is done in the machine with the latest technology products and the production process begins. Proofs, size (cmm) controls, burr controls of our produced sheet metal molds are made by our quality and delivered with the instruction.

Your Partner in Sheet Metal Forming Mold…

As BKS Kalıp, it is developed within the scope of maintenance and repair services within the scope of technical training within the scope of maintenance and repair, which is completed together with the entire education year.

Cam kesme Makinaları Nasıl Çalışır

How Do Glass Cutting Machines Work?

The biggest advantage of glass cutting machines is that it is easy to use when you learn all the technical features of the machine. Before using these machines, the relevant precautions should be taken and it should be known how to use the machine safely.

Having a good glass cutting machine means that the quality of your work will also increase. Apart from that, if you want the Machines to last longer, you need to take due care. In order to keep the machines running at their best and to achieve health results, you need regular maintenance.

Delik Delme (Matkap) Makinaları

Drilling Machines

Electric drill machines are mostly used for construction purposes or to complete various tasks at home. These are powerful tools for drilling holes in all kinds of materials, including hard surfaces such as concrete, plastic, wood, metal and even rocks. If you want to process or drill difficult materials such as aluminum and glass, contact us immediately. Whatsapp:+905330480458

Dik İşlem Merkezi Hakkında

What are the Differences Between Engraving Milling Machine, Engraving Machine and CNC Machining Center?

What are the Differences Between Engraving Milling Machine, Engraving Machine and CNC Machining Center?

What is the difference between CNC machining center, engraving milling machine and engraving machine? I believe that this sentence will be asked by many friends who have just joined the sector. If they do not know how to distinguish machines, this article is for them. Engraving milling machine: As the name suggests, it can engrave and mill. On the basis of the engraving machine, the machine body can withstand the force, with the power of the spindle and servo motor, as well as the high speed of the spindle maintains. Engraving milling machine is also called high speed machine. It has stronger cutting ability and very high machining precision. It can also directly process materials with hardness above HRC60. It is widely used for roughing and finishing of precision molds and batch processing of aluminum products. It is used in places such as jig processing, watch industry. With its advantages such as cost performance, fast machining speed, it has become more and more important in the machine tool machining industry.

CNC machining center: The features of the parts processed in the machining center are: once the machined parts are clamped, the CNC system can control the machine tool to automatically select and change the tools according to different procedures; It automatically changes the spindle speed, feedrate and tool travel path according to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions. It enables multiple operations of the workpiece such as drilling, countersinking, reaming, drilling, tapping and milling to be performed continuously and automatically on each machining surface.

Because the machining center can intensively and automatically complete various operations, it avoids human operation errors, reduces workpiece clamping, measuring and machine tool setting time and workpiece turnover, transport and storage time, greatly improving machining efficiency and machining accuracy. In this way, it also provides economic benefits. The machining center is divided into vertical machining center and horizontal machining center according to the position of the spindle in the cavity.

If you want to have these procedures done, whatsapp: +905330480458

Cam Endüstrisi

Glass Industry

Is being open to innovation and innovation a big factor for the glass industry?

The glass industry allocates significant budgets to intensive R&D programs to improve the use of glass, introduce new products to the market, increase recycling, as well as increase the energy efficiency of production facilities and further improve the environmental performance of glass. Technologically, the glass industry helps increase the global competitiveness of glass products made in the EU and meet the demands of European customers for quality, performance, design and environmentally friendly materials. European-based companies aim to position glass as the material of the future, together with the ways they follow.

European companies also adhere to many European Union (EU) policies to maintain leadership in R&D. One of them is for example; It is a policy to protect the product against exact copying, followed for the protection of design rights. With this policy, European-based glass manufacturers are able to defend the designs and software of their products against cheaper manufactured products imported from third world countries.

Kalıplar nasıl üretilir

How are molds produced?

Plastics is a material that is widely used in many industries. Products such as toys and medical devices are always made of plastic. In order to produce a plastic part, it must be formed into the desired shape by a method called plastic injection molding. With plastic injection molding, you can produce plastic parts in many sizes and shapes and copy the same part multiple times using the same mold.

Processes of Injection Molding Process

Injection molding is one of the most common manufacturing methods used to manufacture plastic products. Since the same part can be reproduced thousands of times, there is a high demand for injection molding by companies. Before starting the Molding Process, the engineer creates a three-dimensional CAD model. The part made of aluminum, steel or alloy is then attached to the injection molding machine. However, before installing this part, this selection must be made, taking into account that the part will shrink when cooled and based on all the characteristics of the part. The selected material begins processing as a plastic granule and is then processed on an injection molding machine. The granules pass through a heated area where they are melted, compressed and then injected into the mold cavity. Then, after the part has cooled, the two halves of the mold are opened to remove the part. The machine is then reset to restart the process.

Injection Mold Components

The injection mold is made of steel, aluminum or alloy. These metal molds can be used thousands, sometimes millions of times. There are two different parts of the injection mold, one half of the mold is the “best” side and the other half is the spade side which will have some visual flaws in the ejector pins. An injection mold also consists of support plates, ejector box, ejector rod, ejector pins, ejector plates, runner bushing, and a locating ring.

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We’ll give you a quick response to your questions.

We start working a few minutes after receiving the email and offers are sent within 24 hours.

We have our own design and development team.

We have a strong quality control system to ensure the best quality products.

We offer competitive prices.

We send the samples as soon as possible and all samples go through quality control.

We offer aftermarket service for all kinds of customers.

We deliver the goods on time and communicate with our customers in a healthy way during transportation.

Since we started this business, at least 96% of our customers have provided feedback that they are very happy to work with us.

Cam İşleme Tesisi

Glass Processing Plant

Glass processing facilities are facilities created to process the glass established by large-scale glass enterprises, that is, to give the desired dimensions to the glass and to shape it according to the desired length. Glass processing plant prices are variable every day. The lengths of the desired machines, the jobs to be done, etc. may differ in price. However, the return of the company, which has a glass processing plant, is great in that direction.

Machines such as glass cutting table, glass tempering machine, glass grinding machine, glass washing machine, glass drilling machine, glass conveyor belt, glass beveling machine, glass loading machine are indispensable for a glass processing plant.

If you want to own a glass processing plant, please contact our team.

The company that you will build the facility should be reliable and have a good place in its business. The world’s leading companies do not leave their facility construction to chance and make agreements with reliable companies.

Formation of a glass plant means many steps. The production and installation of each machine and device can take a lot of time.

Glass processing factories have an important place in the developing world. Correct processing and structuring of glass is a very difficult process. Despite the fact that the machines do the quality and correct work, the places where you buy the machines should be reliable companies that stand behind their work.

Finding a competent and reliable business is a somewhat arduous process. Not every company makes the delivery or installation on the promised date. Working with companies with high brand awareness is one of the most important issues for your own interests.

We also walk with the machine alone in the facility. Because your staff working there must be qualified and know the job.

Makine Revizyonları

Machine revisions

Machine Revision Operations

Maintenance and Revision of Machines

SG Kalıp Makine not only extends the life of machines and devices with the machine maintenance and revision processes it provides in every sector, but also increases production efficiency and relieves the company that has had revisions from unnecessary cost burden. Along with the revision service it offers, our company carries out the periodic maintenance and repair operations required by the manufacturing systems and manufacturing facilities with its experienced and expert technical staff who have received training. SG Kalıp Makine, Makine provides maintenance and repair services for all machinery and production lines that can be used in every industrial facility and in every kind of process in every conceivable sector such as marble, glass, aluminum, iron and steel, automotive, textile, food and so on.

Periodic and Planned Maintenance: Increasing competition conditions in the market have increased the necessity of industrial institutions to optimize their costs and operating conditions of the facilities.

SG Kalıp Makine has been serving with the aim of minimizing production losses, extending the life of systems and devices, increasing usability and reducing production losses with its experience of more than 15 years since its establishment. Since SG Kalıp Makine recognizes and monitors the systems, processes and devices of its customers during periodic and planned maintenance times, it minimizes time, production and cost losses with quick interventions in case of failure. Periodic maintenance of production lines and machines in these lines requires the application of expert techniques. SG Kalıp Makine decides what kind of maintenance to do after making investigations.

SG Kalıp Makine provides periodic and planned maintenance services in every sector; We provide the fastest feedback with our expert team to all procedures such as maintenance of grinding machines, General maintenance of pneumatic and hydraulic machine equipment, Detection and manufacture of parts that require replacement, Improvement, in other words, review applications, Machine geometric settings, parallelism adjustment, perpendicular adjustment, etc. SG Makine is capable of manufacturing or supplying the problematic parts identified during the maintenance and repair processes in its own production facilities, vertical machining centers and cnc lathes, and is also a solution partner for its customers in the electricity, automation and spare parts aspects of machinery and production lines.

By combining maintenance and repair with spare parts support, SG Kalıp Makine provides high quality, fast and safe technical services to its customers, who have processes that need to be intervened very quickly and where each passing minute causes serious production losses. It prevents production losses that may occur by intervening in the malfunction within the determined response time. The company, which accepts the opportunity to get to know the processes of the customers who have periodic and planned maintenance, shortens the detection and elimination times of the malfunctions that occur.

We can repair or renew your old machines or machines that require repair (revision) through our company at the lowest prices. Revision prices are considerably lower than new machine prices. If you are interested in revision prices, please contact our team.